No. Tarot is only for Predictions, Guidance, spritual leveling up and changing your energies. It can help you with guiding you on your right path and with spuritual growth. It helps you change your life in a positive way by showing you the right direction to change your energy. But in No way can it replace professional/ medical help for any kind of physical or mental ailment. Any kind of Legal issues or domestic violence has to be reported and professional, legal help must be taken
No, Tarot cannot perform any magic or miracles. Its you who can make magic happen by changing your energies and in turn changing your lives.
No, Tarot isnt related to any cult or occults and definitely no black magic or white magic. Its pure and pristine and quite scientific in certain ways. Tarot asks you to channel your will power in the right direction and manifest your highest life. Infact it follows certain concepts of quantum physics.
In my experience tarot is quite spot on but it again depends on each individual's faith. Tarot picks up on energies and makes predictions. Thus the predictions will keep changing according to the energy changes. It cannot predict too far into the future or past. Tarot isnt astrology or numerology , though closely connected to both.
No,Tarot isn’t religious at all or doesn’t try to influence anyone' s religious thought process,beliefs or faiths. It is completely spiritual and unaffected by any religion and helps in furthering one's spiritual growth with focusing on self love and self growth.

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