If troubled in life about Career or finances, Love, Marriage or other life's issues, let me help you and guide you to your Right Lifepath and a more successful and peaceful existence.

  • I provide with Reads for every aspect of your lives you are facing issues with and help you to heal, overcome and win.
  • I will Guide you through it with the Reads and Advices ( from Tarot, Oracles and Angel cards)
    and be there at every step of the way till you become self aware and confident to fly solo.
  • I do life coaching through Tarot readings to help people become self aware, so that they can grow in life and
    build great relationships with themselves and the people they love.
  • I also provide- Advice and Healing, Counselling and Therapy for troubled souls.
  • The personal Reads will be done on phone calls, either voice calls or video calls. Reads and Advices can be
    sent on Mails or on whatsapp or other texting Apps.
  • Only exceptional cases will be considered for In Person Readings because of the Ongoing Covid situation.